Comic Hack?

Your Humble Author at workWhat is a Comic Hack?

“Hack” comes from the word “hackneyed,” which means that something has lost its meaning or impact by being overused or repeated too many times. Jokes can be “hacky” when they are too obvious or familiar, but comics can be considered “hacks” as well. Comics who use the same old material, or who use jokes that are known to everyone (and which that comic most likely did not write — they more likely came from an off-the-shelf joke book) are typically known as hacks. Some comics quickly develop the reputation as hacks for other reasons. In most uses it is a very derogatory term for a “Joke Thief”  Carlos Mencia is reputed to be a comic hack and is infamous for ripping-off other’s work. Dane Cook sold out stadiums on razor-thin talent, played-out themes and suspiciously familiar bits – He’s also famoulsy dubbed a “hack”

***I’d like to think that NONE of that applies to ME or what I DO***

Why do you call yourself a “Comic Hack”?

Darren McGavin Ruled!

When I think about a “hack” I think of a work-a-day writer banging away on his old, portable manual typewriter usually with a scotch in one hand, a cigar in the other and a battered hat on his head worn completely without useless hipster irony. Think Darren McGavin as Carl Kolchak only … with Jokes.  I’m a damned funny guy, and all of my material is original … but I’ve always referred to my career using this self deprecating term.

Who Is “The Comic Hack”

I’m a pig-tail wearing, advice column  writing, gender-bending, boundaries-pushing, comic genius. My life mission: If I can make the world a better place while enjoying strippers and rum; why shouldn’t I?

I am Scaramouche of the Tortuga Twins –  part of a trio of Off-the-wall performers at Renaissance Festivals throughout the United States

I am Scaramouche Tortuga – Facebook funnyman and drinker of too much Vodak.

I am Scaramouche – Writer of a weekly Advice column and professional Straight Shooter.

I am Ronn Bauman – writer, comic and entertainer.

I am Ronn –  Husband, father and entrepreneur.


Never forget:

I’m like Tinkerbelle – I need applause to live!